Answered questions before Moving


Q: What type of van do you use?

A: We use Mercedes Sprinter Luton Vans. Small Transit Vans, Long wheel Based Transit vans.


Q: Do you have a Tail lift?

A: Yes, our vehicles are fitted with DEL Tail lifts  which are regularly serviced and have a maximum Safe Working Load of 500kg.  Please specify what item(s) will require the use of the tail lift when booking.


Q:  What does “All Inclusive” mean?

A: Where we give an “All Inclusive” fixed price quote, this is our price to move all of the items that you have listed between the properties you have requested.  We will provide a suitable vehicle, adequate manpower, and any specialist lifting equipment that may be required.  There are no additional charges for fuel, mileage, or insurance.  We are not VAT registered, so there is no VAT to pay.  The price you see is the price you pay.


Q:  How can I pay?

A: For private customers our standard terms of payment are by cash on completion of your move.  For larger and long distance removals, we will request a deposit be paid by bank transfer in advance of your move, with the balance payable by cash on completion.  If you wish to pay the full amount by bank transfer or cheque this is possible, however we must receive the full amount as cleared funds in advance of your move.  For Company Customers we accept payment by cash on completion, and where previously approved and subject to a satisfactory company credit check, we will also accept payment by Business Cheque or by Invoice.


Q: Will you provide Two Men?

A: Yes, if your removal requires 2 men to lift large, bulky or heavy items we will provide 2 men unless you specifically ask that we do not, and we are able to provide more porters on request.


Q: Can I travel in the van?

A: Yes, but please check first.  There are only 2 passenger seats in our vehicle, and even if you’ve only booked one man and a van, two or even three men may attend so please make sure this will be possible before you rely on us.  No passengers will ever be carried in the back of the van under any circumstances, ever.


Q: Is your Van Reliable?

A: Yes, it’s new and still under warranty.


Q: Do you have breakdown cover?  What happens if you breakdown?

A: Yes – our vehicles are new and still under manufacturer’s warranty.  In the very unlikely event that there is a problem, the manufacturer will send their own mechanics to the roadside to repair the vehicle.  If this is not possible, they will arrange recovery of the vehicle to a main dealer workshop, where they then have up to 4 hours to repair the vehicle before they have to provide us with an equivalent vehicle.


Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes:  Flexible Movers has good in transit insurance upto £15,000 cover

Q: Do you offer a Packing Service?

A: Yes, please get in touch for a quote and to discuss your requirements.


Q:  The drawers of my chest of drawers are full.  Do I need to empty them?

A:  No, unless they contain fragile items or the base of the drawer is not strong enough to support the weight of its contents.  Please check that it is possible to remove the drawer from the frame of the furniture – if it is not possible to remove the drawer the contents should always be removed and packed in boxes.


Q: How should I pack my TV?

A: If you don’t have the original box, use some bubble wrap to protect the screen.  If you have an empty cardboard box you should also place this over the TV and tape it in place.  If you do not have bubblewrap, just use a sheet, blanket or duvet.  Please note that, while we regularly move TVs packed in this way without issue, your TV will only be covered by our insurance if it is packed in its original box.


Q: Do you sell boxes?

A: No, we currently recommend the following firm, who are able to take care of all of your packaging requirements, and offer a delivery service:


Q: Do you hire vans by themselves without drivers?

A: No, sorry. We are only insured to provide a van with a driver, not for self-drive hire.


Q: Do you do storage?

A: Yes, we are able to provide both warehouse and self-storage facilities.


Q: Can you disconnect and reconnect my washing machine to the mains water supply?

A: No, sorry.  We are neither insured nor qualified to carry out any plumbing related work, so the same applies to any dishwashers or fridge freezers that are connected to the water supply.  Although this is a straightforwards job, if anything were to go wrong and your kitchen floods causing £1,000s of damage, your household insurance policy would not protect you if we had done the work.  For this reason you should check the insurance and qualifications of any other removals firm who does offer you this service.


Q: Can you disconnect and reconnect my cooker to the mains gas/electricity supply?

A: No, sorry.