Long Distance Removals Between UK Cities

Moving and Long distance RemovalsMoving from One location to another in the UK or anywhere else does require time and planning, end when you move long distances then this will be even more stressful, by Hiring a moving company for your long distance removals needs this will make it hassle free. Whether its just man and a van you need or you need a large truck to move you from London to any UK city including, London to Glasgow, London to Manchester, London to Aberdeen in Scotland or Cardiff in Wales we can do it at a very competitive rate.

Long Distance Removal Between the Cities of UK.

When it is the time for you to say goodbye to your old London flat, you end up having a lot of work on your hands. This is especially happens if you are going on a long distance outside of the city. If you are planning to stay in the country than the preparations for you to move should be started a month or so before the actual day, while two to three months of preparation may be needed for international relocations.

How to Make the Move Worry-free and Easy


Fortunately, a London removals services like Flexible Movers who can help you to move. First of all, you will not end up having to haul your belongings in a rented van or your car. Professional movers have drivers who know how to make sure that your belongings are safe as they travel and they also have moving trucks dedicated to the job.

Secondly, movers can also help you to pack. What items you are moving, advise you need on how to pack them to ensure their safety, it’s all evaluated by them. Finally, they can even make the move less expensive and they help you save some money. They present you with an accurate budget that can help you to plan your spending on the move. With removal services like these by your side, you can be sure your move will have none of the hassle and of all the excitement.

Qualities you should check in a potential removal company


  • See what type and level of insurance cover they are offering.
  • Check if they are the member of The British Association of Removers, if they are not then why?
  • Find out if can they supply references and about how long has the company been trading.
  • Check out how they will carry out the move that is, crew size, time of arrival, number of days, etc.
  • Find out how security will be like if your goods or stuff are on a vehicle overnight.
  • See if they have an office or depot you can visit.

How much should you pay?

moving and payYou might be thinking of doing it yourself by using a small ‘man and van’ type firm and applying some elbow grease or hiring a van for a few £200, that is if you only have a few rooms of effects to move. Removals firms that are small will move you for cash and will ask questions asked but it is worth thinking what you could be risking to replace everything if something worst happened and what your possessions are worth.

Once you have started to add up the value of everything you have in your home, it’s surprising to find out how much your effects could be worth – indeed most insurance policies of contents use figures around £40,000 – £50,000.

To think in terms of paying a few percentage of the value of your goods to have everything insured, professionally transported, protected and is pretty good value for peace of mind then it’s a good rule of thumb. There is an alternative that you could be having them piled in the back of any van which isn’t not be road-legal or whose operator is not licensed to freight goods above a certain weight – if things go wrong. in any case you may not have much of a leg to stand on.