Moving check-list step by step:

Moving check-list step by step:

J – 4 months:

  • Estimate the budget available for the operation

J – 3 months:

  • Guests: send the notice to the owner (with acknowledgment of receipt Letter)
  • Inquire about availability in schools and day-cares of the future instead of dwelling
  • Contact moving companies (to establish estimate).

J – 1 month:

  • Inquire about the possibility of support for the move by your employer (if mutation for example)
  • Prevent bank
  • If the apartment is self-catering and it is sold, ask the union, the financial statements
  • Sorting objects
  • Choose a moving company

J – 3 weeks:

  • Unsubscribe EDF-GDF for the day of your departure
  • Edit Subscription landlines and mobile
  • Change subscription to cable, satellite and or Canal Plus, and Internet
  • Change subscription to the print media
  • Settle pending bills or overdue
  • Notify the following organizations of your changeableness  : Primary Health Insurance Fund, mutual and pension, family allowance, job canters and Assessed Centre Tax, Insurance Companies, Magazines (subscriptions).

J – 1 week:

  • Have their mail redirected to the new address (for about 18 £, and the presentation of an identity document, La Poste is responsible for forwarding it to your new home for 6 months)
  • Tenant: make an appointment for inventory
  • Ask BT the electricity and telephone for the new housing
  • Ranger everyday objects in boxes (some movers put all cardboard, and others do not inquire)
  • Book or a free parking space for the moving truck

J – 1 day:

  • Defrost the fridge and freezer
  • Together in a cardboard papers and valuables
  • Make photocopies of all important documents
  • Make a declaration of value for valuables
  • Purchase life insurance before the move

Before you go:

  • Close water supplies and electricity cut off
  • Remove the name of the door bells and intercoms without forgetting the mailbox